Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Co-Teaching, Building on Success

St. Cloud State University is known for it’s nationally recognized Co-Teaching approach to student teaching.  This model was developed by a team from SCSU led by Director Nancy Bacharach as part of a Teacher Quality Enhancement grant.  Nancy and Teresa Heck are continuing the work out of the Academy for Co-Teaching and Collaboration at SCSU. You can learn more about their work at

This model has been supported by data that indicates P-12 students have greater reading and math achievement in classes where they are co-taught by a teacher candidate and cooperating teacher, than by a teacher candidate or classroom teacher alone. 

At TPI, we are working to expand this co-teaching model in several ways based on recommendations from our Co-Teaching Task Force.  Specifically, we want to foster a culture of Co-Teaching at SCSU and in our six partner districts.
  • We are supporting train-the-trainer workshops this summer for teachers in our partner districts to enhance their co-teaching infrastructure for hosting teacher candidates as well as promoting co-teaching infrastructure for hosting teacher candidates as well as promoting co-teaching between two licensed teachers and in induction programs.
  • Faculty will also be invited to participate in these workshops to build our internal capacity for co-teaching.
  • We want to provide multiple opportunities for students to experience co-teaching before student  teaching, and will be working with faculty across the institution to not only incorporate co- teaching into their curriculum, but also support the modeling of co-teaching between two faculty from different departments, as well as faculty and P-12 teachers co-teaching content and methods courses.  

All of our NExT partners ( have adopted our Co-Teaching model for student teaching, and we look forward to continuing to innovate in the application of our model.

How could you use Co-Teaching to support student learning in your classroom?  

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