Thursday, March 28, 2013

Yours, Mine, Ours - Breaking New Ground Through Partnership

One of the most exciting aspects of TPI is our Partnership with six local school districts: Holdingford, Monticello, ROCORI, Sartell-St. Stephen, Sauk Rapids-Rice, and St. Cloud Area.  When our partnership began with these districts, it was not solely focused on preparing more effective teachers, but also changing the way in which P-12 teachers and administrators were engaged in all aspects of that preparation.  In other words, in addition to gathering their ideas, we agreed to muddle through this together recognizing that it was imperative to recruit, prepare and support new teachers collaboratively. 

Over the past three years, our partnership has:
  • Engaged over 50 P-12 teachers, staff and administrators in the work of TPI Collaboration           Structures, along with as many SCSU faculty and staff
  • Developed a 3-year plan for supporting new teachers in our partner districts
  • Created a vision for, and are currently designing a Partnership Center that will focus on P-16 professional development, collaboration and research
  • Created opportunities for sharing resources across districts around induction
  • Put forth over 10 proposals regarding improvements to Teacher Education both at SCSU and in P-12, including the development of Future Educator’s Clubs and New Teacher Workshops
As we look to the future, we will be continuing to bring forth recommendations regarding co-teaching, enhanced field experiences, a common professional development day, and expanding our partnership beyond these six school districts.  We will also be identifying ways to engage our local legislators and the state in our groundbreaking work.  

How do you envision P-12 and Higher Education working together to prepare and support effective teachers?

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